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ABOUT BSTP            


     Bestop Steel Co., Ltd is a leading Maufacturer & Export of pipeline relevant products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys for the most demanding environments.                

     In the past,we have very long-stand experiences in supplying our customers with tubes, fittings, flanges, valve as well as special orders from exotic materials and stainless steels made to customer specification.The mainspring and driving force to the growth of BSTP is caused by customers who consistently support our company and entire staff who do the best of their own.            
     BSTP is constantly seeking new opportunities to expand our business in global market,in our effort to satisfy our customer needs, we take care of even the smallest order. Short delivery dates are our strong point.            


QUALITY ASSURANCE                         
      Quality is considered from our side as the most important prerequisite for customer satisfaction and trust.In accordance with this, Each product,which leaves our mills, have quality-controlled production traceable for each customer complying with ISO 9001-2008. and will be provided with a mill test certificate when being shipped to the customer. 





     Our Quality Management System is to guarantee the quality controlled from the raw material till the finished products. Three main step inspections are carried out: raw material receiving inspection, in process inspection and finished products inspection.                

Hydrostatic Test            12 mm OD to 426mm OD            
Pneumatic Test (Air Under Water)            6 mm OD to 50.8 mm OD            
NDE - Ultrasonic Test (UT)            16mm OD to 426 mm OD Up to 15 mm Thickness            
NDE - Eddy Current Test (ET)            Up to 114 mm OD            
Ultrasonic Thickness Guages            Up to 15 mm (Digital)            
Spectroscope            Spectromax            
Possitive Material Identification (PMI)            Niton XL2            
Corrosion Testing            Laboratory Glasswares to test            
IGC Pr. A & E acc.            
Tensile            UTE 40-FIE Make            
Flange / Flare            Universal Material Testing Machine            
Flattening / Reverse Flattening            Universal Material Testing Machine            
Bend Test            Universal Material Testing Machine            
Hardness Test            Twin hardness tester, HRA-150A make            
Micro structure Analysis & Grain size examination            Polishing Machine            
Electro Etching Machine            
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope            
with Optics & CDD camera             
Dimensional Checking            Measuring Instruments-            
Digital Vernier calliper, Flat & Ball            
Micrometer etc of Mitutoyo Make            

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