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»ASTM Specification & Tolerance For Tubing & Piping
Specification Allowable Outside Diameter Variation    in mmAllowable Wall Thickness VariationExact Length Tolerance in mmTesting
Nominal Diameter       OverUnderOver (%) Under (%)  OverUnder
ASTM-A213Under 25.40.10160.10162003.1750Flattening Test
Seamless Boiler Superheater25.4-38.1 incl0.15240.15242203.1750Tension Test
 and Heat Exchanger Tubes38.1-50.8 excl0.20320.20322203.1760Flare Test
 50.8-63.5 excl0.2540.254204.460Hardness Test
 63.5-76.2 excl0.30480.30482204.760100% Hydrostatic test
 76.2-101.6 incl0.3810.3812204.760Refer to ASTM A-450
ASTM-A249Under 25.40.10160.101610-103.1750Tension Test
Welded Boiler Superheater, Heat  25.4-38.1 incl0.15240.152410-103.1750Flattening Test
Exchanger And Condenser Tubes38.1-50.8 Excl0.20320.203210-103.1750Flange Test
 50.0-63.5 excl0.2540.25410-104.7620Reverse Bend Test
 63.5-76.2 excl0.38480.384810-104.7620Hardness Test
 76.2-101.6 incl0.3810.38110-104.7620100% Hydrostastic Test Refer to ASTM A-450
    Minimum Wall tubes +18% 0 available On request  
ASTM-A269Under12.70.130.1315-153.20Flare Test (Seamless Only)
Seamless & Welded Tubing for 12.7-38.1 exc!0.130.1310-103.20Flange Test (Welded Only)
General Service38.1-88.9 excl0.250.2510-104.80Hardness Test
 88.9-139.7 excl0.380.3810-104.80Reverse Flattening Test
 139.7-203.2 excl0.760.7610-104.80(Welded only) 100% Hydrostatic
 Test Refer to ASTM-A269
ASTM-A27025.40.050.210-103.20Reverse flattening Test
Seamless & Welded Sanitary Tubing38.10.050.210-103.20100% Hydrostastic Test' polish on all tubes to ASTM A-270 
ASTM-A3123.175-38.1 incl0.40.8Minimum Wall 12.5% under nominal wall Specified6.4 00Tension Test
Seemless & Welded pipe38.1-1016 incl0.80.86.4 00Flattening Test
 101.6-203.2 incl1.60.86.4 00100% Hydrostatic Test
    (Normally Random Lengths orderedRefer to ASTM A-530
ASTM A-358219.08-750mm or 0.01 inch0.50% -0.3 6 Refer to ASTM A-530
Welded pipe